On this portal, you’ll find the self-evaluation of the Informatics study program of the Fontys School of Technology and Logistics (FHTenL) in Venlo. It contains the self-evaluation report, all requested and other relevant sources. The Linked References section contains a copy of the References chapter of the self-evaluation report, in which all sources are clickable and online available. To get a quick first impression about our program, have a look at the fact sheet or watch the introduction movie.

R.T.H van den Ham, Study Program Manager

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This section contains a link to the online version of the self-evaluation report.

Informatics Program Documents

FHTenL Vision and Policy Documents


Reports and Minutes

Recent Graduation Projects

This section contains an overview of recent (last two years) graduation projects and the corresponding results. For projects selected by the visitation panel, the reports including their assessment artefacts are available.

Linked References

This section contains an exact copy of the References chapter of the self-evaluation report. All sources in this overview are clickable and online available.

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Other Documents

This section contains other relevant and interesting sources. Some might have been referenced in the Self-Evaluation bibliography already.

Visitation Day Program

This section contains the day schedule for the visitation day on Tuesday the 21st of November 2017, Informatics Fontys Venlo.

Start Time End Time Activity



Arrival audit panel



Introduction study program manager

  • Hans Aarts MSc - Director FHTenL

  • Richard van den Ham MA - Study Program Manager



Determination audit program



Consultation audit panel

  • Mr. W.R. van Raaijen MA - Chairman

  • Mr. R. van der Made - Secretary

  • Mr. K. van Ingen MSc - Domain Expert

  • Mr. C.J. Rijsenbrij MSc - Domain Expert

  • Mr. D. Moerman - Student Member



Meeting alumni and representatives IT business:

  • Hans Schuren MSc - Director at TMC Test & Integration - Member Council of Experts and Advisory Board

  • Manuel Gerding MSc - IT Consultant at Codecentric AG - Alumnus Advanced Software Concepts profile and member Advisory Board

  • Ben Stassen BSc - Consultant at Pulse Business Solutions BV - Alumnus Business Informatics profile

  • Wesley Notten BSc - Software Consultant at CGI - Alumnus Advanced Software Concepts profile

  • Max Stoll BSc - Software Engineer at Quantoz Technology - Alumnus Software Concepts profile






Student project presentations and tour:

  • Semester 1 - Project Web Development

  • Semester 3 - Module Applied Research

  • Semester 3 - Project Elevator Simulation

  • Semester 5 - Internship LogWear Research

  • Semester 6 - Minor Smart Innovation

  • Semester 7 - Software Factory Hololens in SMART Logistics

  • Tour - Informatics department with visit Web Development Project (semester 1) class and Consultancy (semester 3) class



Meeting students:

  • Bas Tomlow, 1st year Dutch class

  • Tobias Jansen, 1st year German class

  • Diana Rusu, 1st year international class

  • Dave Hoevenaars, 2nd year - Member Participation Council (IMR)

  • Moritz Iseke, 2nd year

  • Brian Herman, 2nd year

  • Lea Rosenberg, 3rd year (internship)

  • Courtney Regan, 3rd year (internship)

  • Mike Schatorjé, 4th year

  • Jurian Janssen, 4th year



Lunch break



Meeting lecturer team:

  • Sander Bruinsma MSc

  • Thijs Dorssers MSc - Internship and Graduation Project Coordinator

  • Christiane Holz MSc - Chairman Examination Board

  • Pieter van den Hombergh MSc - Colloquium Coordinator

  • Dr. Geert Monsieur - Member Study Program Committee, Research LogWear

  • Dr. Ferd van Odenhoven

  • Dr. Gregor Schwake - Member Participation Council (IMR), Research LogWear

  • Stefan Sobek MSc, Research LogWear






Meeting Examination and Assessment Board:

  • Christiane Holz MSc - Chairman

  • Herman Sturmans MSc






Meeting management team:

  • Hans Aarts MSc - Director

  • Richard van den Ham MA - Study Program Manager

  • Aukje Schurer MSc - Quality Officer FHTenL



Consultation audit panel



Feedback audit panel






Development meeting:

  • Hans Aarts MSc - Director

  • Richard van den Ham MA - Lecturer and Study Program Manager

  • Christiane Holz MSc - Lecturer and chairman Examination Board

  • Dr. Geert Monsieur - Lecturer and Member Study Program Committee

  • Pieter van den Hombergh MSc - Lecturer and Colloquium Coordinator

  • Aukje Schurer MSc - Quality Officer FHTenL


  • New educational markets - Considerations regarding Associate Degree program and Courses for Professionals

  • Generalization vs Specialization - Informatics Pure or Informatics for specific domains e.g. Informatics in Logistics, Informatics in SMART Industries


This section contains contact data of the responsible persons for the visitation and accreditation process.

  • Hans J.A.H. Aarts MSc
    Director Fontys School of Technology and Logistics
    Phone: 08850-79287
    Email: h.aarts-ab@fontys.nl

  • Richard R.T.H. van den Ham MA
    Study program manager Informatics
    Phone: 08850-77516
    Email: r.vandenham@fontys.nl

Assessment Report

This section contains a link to the final visitation assessment report by Hobéon.

Minutes Development Meeting

This section contains a link to the minutes of the development meeting during the visitation.

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